Coming Soon: Fryte’s Gold

“But, J.B.,” you may be asking, “how can you be author? You haven’t even authored anything yet!”

That’s a fair point, but it’s not technically true. I’ve authored plenty of things, the problem is that none of them have been published at this point.

The good news is that’s about to change. I’m currently finalising my first Realmgard story, Fryte’s Gold. The problem is, the process takes a while. It’s looking like the story will be ready to be published sometime in May. Of course, “ready to be published” isn’t the same thing as actually “published”, so it may still be a while after that, but I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, here’s a little about what to expect from Fryte’s Gold.

It’s the story of a pirate girl named Dunstana Darkstone and her big sister Kat. Together, the two sisters find themselves in the long-lost hideout of the legendary pirate captain Jonathan Fryte on the trail of Captain Fryte’s equally-legendary treasure hoard. I can honestly say, without any exaggeration or shameless self-promotion, that it is the greatest thing you will ever read*.
*Note: I cannot honestly say that, as much as I may like to.

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