Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Kat Darkstone

Kat Darkstone

That’s what big sisters are for. The little sister does something crazy, and the big one makes sure she comes back home in one piece.

Age: 15

Occupation: Part-time adventurer, full-time big sister

Likes: pudding, sleep, couches

Dislikes: hassle, her middle name, mortal peril

     In a perfect world, Katherine Hortensia Darkstone would spend most of her days lounging in peace on her beloved living room couch, and she would have anything else for a middle name.

     In the actual world, Kat faces the reality of a little sister pirate and a nightmare of a middle name. Nevertheless, Kat lives her life with an unshakeable sense of cautious optimism: she can only find herself facing certain doom so many times before her luck starts to turn around.

     Though Kat does not share her little sister’s interest in the family business of piracy, being Dunstana Darkstone’s big sister has made her something of an unofficial pirate, often serving as the best (and only) member of Dunstana’s crew. As far as Kat is concerned, sisters have to stick together, even when something is trying to eat them. Especially when something is trying to eat them.

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