Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Dunstana Darkstone

Dunstana Darkstone

Normal little girls don’t pretend to be reasonably successful pirates. But, then, strictly speaking, neither does Dunstana. She is a reasonably successful pirate.

Age: 10

Occupation: pirate, kicker of doubters

Likes: adventure, treasure, Princess Moonflower

Dislikes: boredom, having her pirate cred doubted

Captain Dunstana Felicity Darkstone is many of the things her big sister isn’t: restless, excitable, and an eager, committed pirate – a proud scion of the Darkstone family line. Armed with her trusty wooden sword, cork gun, and big sister, Dunstana has taken Porthaven’s pirating community by storm.

Despite her success, living the life of a little girl pirate has meant Dunstana has found herself facing numerous doubters and naysayers. Counting on the support of her family, Dunstana is resolved to prove them wrong. And kick their shins as many times as necessary to change their minds.

Though Dunstana tends to look before she leaps and plunge headlong into adventure, like any good pirate should, Dunstana knows that she has her beloved big sister Kat looking out her, helping her explore the unknown, kick monsters and bad guys, and reach things down from tall shelves.

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