Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Estelle Darkstone

Estelle Darkstone

“She’s a smart lady, your mother. And yet she married Dorian for some strange reason. But that turned out alright, so let’s not hold it against her.”

Age: 38

Occupation: mother, business owner

Likes: her family, business acumen

Dislikes: her family being mortally imperilled

The wife of Dorian and mother of Kat and Dunstana. Estelle is the eldest of Erasmus Winfield’s seven daughters, and has subsequently had a lifetime being the Responsible One in the family. This has served well after marrying into a family of pirates and giving birth to two aspiring adventurers. Thanks to Estelle’s calming influence and motherly good sense, her family tends to find itself facing just the right amount of trouble. Even so, Estelle isn’t opposed to having the occasional adventure of her own.

In addition to being a loving wife mother, Estelle is an established businesswoman in Porthaven, having taken over running the famous Winfield and Sons Emporium after her parents’ retirement. Despite there not actually being any sons at the Winfield and Sons Emporium, the business is in good hands, eight pairs of them in fact, thanks to Estelle having six sisters and a daughter to help her look after things.


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