Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Jonathan Fryte

Captain Fryte had lived about a hundred years ago and had been one of the most successful and famous pirates of his day. And ever, for that matter. He was supposed to have gathered up one of the largest and most legendary hoards of gold in history and hidden it away somewhere in secret before he had been caught and hanged for piracy. Dunstana probably knows the whole story better than she does, but he’s at least famous enough that Kat, who was never cared about pirates, knows who he is.

Age: hanged for a pirate a hundred and some years ago at the age of 35

Likes: treasure, fame, secret hideouts

Dislikes: the ignominious circumstances of his untimely end

Captain Jonathan Fryte, Esq. looms large in the piratical history of Realmgard. Gifted with a peerless sense of panache, charismatic leadership, an uncommon aptitude for the magical artsand an immaculately-managed moustache, Captain Fryte all but ruled the seas for nearly a decade, fending off his enemies at either the point of a sword or with a torrent of magic, though, as a gentleman among gentleman, Captain Fryte’s, preferred course of action was always to charm his way out of his problems.

However, you don’t become the most famous pirate in the history of Realmgard without making enemies. In time, Captain Fryte came to be viewed as the single greatest threat to the free cities of Realmgard, leading to him facing the combined navies of most of those cities. It stands a testament to Captain Fryte’s piratical abilities that he managed to hold out for a year and half even against such overwhelming odds. The stories say that Captain Fryte was finally defeated in single combat abroad his sinking flagship by his own sister, an officer of the Porthaven navy.

Though Captain Jonathan Fryte’s biography ends at the gallows, his legend continued to grow long after his death. Though his exploits have been exaggerated in the decades after his death – in popular folktales, Captain Fryte is credited with such feats as sailing around the world fifteen times, marrying the Sea King’s daughter, and the invention of mayonnaise. The most enduring story about Captain Fryte is that of his hidden treasure, which many have sought after, though none has ever succeeded in finding it.

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