I have finished the process of submitting Fryte’s Gold to Amazon. Apparently, it takes up to 72 hours (potentially more, given that there’s a weekend within those 72 hours). Regardless, it will be available for purchase imminently.

Unfortunately, things are little complicated in terms of buying options. As I understand, physical softcover versions are only available on American Amazon (and technically, Japanese Amazon, Italian Amazon and British Amazon, and some other ones). I bring this up because I am, in fact, Canadian, which means the physical edition is not available on my native Amazon.

The ebook version, however, will be available on Canadian Amazon, although I have set the ebook version to release on July 1. It will be available for preorder after it goes live until then.

Long story short: Fryte’s Gold has been submitted for publication and, baring any unforeseen circumstances, will be available in some form or other in the very near future.


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