Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Jonas Darkstone

Jonas Darkstone

Being an archaeologist doesn’t really make sense to Dunstana.  She’d rather have the treasure.

Age: 35

Occupation: Associate Professor of Archaeology, part-time wrestler

Likes: uncovering the mysteries of the past, suplexes

Dislikes: pirates, people looting archaeological sites, pirates looting archaeological sites

The younger brother of Dorian and first Darkstone in history to receive a university education. The uncle of Kat and Dunstana, husband of Peregrina, and father of Antiqua (usually called Annie).

Jonas is both a thinker and a fighter, previously boasting a successful career as a wrestler. His nieces have learned a few nifty moves thanks to his instruction. Nowadays, Jonas is currently working as Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Porthaven, splitting his time between various dig sites, and an office that he suspects began life as a broom closet. At any given time, Jonas is either beset by hungry monsters, or by undergraduate students.

He prefers the company of the former.

For the most part, Jonas gets along with his brother, despite quietly disapproving of Dorian’s thuggish, uncivil career choice. For his part, Dorian tends to think Jonas is kind of a nerd. Nevertheless, the Brothers Darkstone have had nearly forty years to learn how to peacefully co-exist and have largely been successful.

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