Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Annie Darkstone

Kat would ask how Annie knows that, but she knows better than that by now. Whenever she’s not out in the field helping her dad, Annie’s always got a book in hand, or several – she reads pretty fast.

Age: 10
Occupation: child genius, assistant professor
Likes: learning, books, her dad, rules
Dislikes: eye contact, heights, disregard for rules

The Half-Elf daughter Jonas and Peregrina Darkstone, ten-year-old Antiqua Darkstone holds a serious claim to being one of the smartest people in Realmgard. Thanks to her father’s position as a faculty member, Annie has been visiting the University of Porthaven for as long as she can remember, and its library has been her favourite place in the world since she first started reading. Her parents like to joke that she spends more time in the library than at home. Due to her young age, Annie is not always taken seriously, despite usually being right. She’s learned to live with it. And has learned to be magnanimous in victory after inevitably being proven right.

Annie has read more books in her ten years than some libraries are able to hold, and never seems to forget anything she’s read. Thanks to this amazing talent, the faculty of the University, especially her father, often rely on Annie as their mobile reference section, earning her a position as the University’s Official Unofficial Assistant Professor.

When not following her various scholarly pursuits, Annie often spends her time assisting in the adventures of her cousins, Kat and Dunstana, avoiding eye contact all the while.

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