Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Peri Darkstone

“Most people around Porthaven have given up on trying to wrap their mouths around the name Peregrina, so they usually tend to call her Peri in the same way Antiqua has become Annie. Even Jonas has started to instinctively use the nicknames thanks to hearing everyone else do it.”

Age: 32

Occupation: Dressmaker

Likes: Bold designs, elegant fabrics

Dislikes: Plaid

Peri stands for Peregrina.

The wife of Jonas and mother of Annie Darkstone. The daughter of an Elf traveller who decided to settle down in Porthaven, Peri was born after his and her name is meant to reflect her father’s previous life. Peregrina is the Elvish word for traveller.

Peri supports her family by working as a dressmaker. It is a fairly small scale operation, but Peri’s obvious talents have won her a few prominent clients among the fashionistas and upper classes of Porthaven. Additionally, marrying into the Family Darkstone means that Peri has Estelle for a sister-in-law, allowing her to sell many of her works at the Winfield and Sons Emporium.

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