Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Amara Valda

“Katherine, dear. Chew with your mouth closed, please. And, by the Powers, use your napkin.”

Age: 15
Occupation: debutante

Likes: Kat,  etiquette, noblesse oblige

Dislikes: the ill-mannered, not having a mother

Kat’s longtime best friend. This is a rather unlikely turn of events given that Amara comes from a fabulously wealthy family of nobles and Kat from a family of thieves of pirates. Even so, Amara has essentially become an honorary member of the family Darkstone.

In addition to being Kat’s fiercely-protective best friend, Amara has also become especially close with Estelle, seeing her as a sort of surrogate mother due to her own mother dying when Amara and her brother were small children.

As the scion of a centuries-old noble family having undertaken years of etiquette classes, Amara endeavours in all things to comport herself as the finest of gentlewomen. However, she has a short temper and little patience for the ill-mannered, and is utterly unafraid to unleash a great and terrible fury upon those whom she feels have merited said great and terrible fury.


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