Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Scarlet Mendez

There has never been a time that Kat can remember where Scarlet called her something other than Kitty-Kat. After fifteen years, it’s starting to get annoying, but still Scarlet adamantly refuses to stop, probably because she knows how much it annoys Kat.

Age: 21
Occupation: graduate student of magicology, University of Porthaven
Likes: academia, magic, teasing Kat
Dislikes: being named for someone famous

The unfortunately middle-named Scarlet William Mendez – named, of course, for the legendary pirate Scarlet William Fitzpatrick – is one of Kat Darkstone’s oldest friends. This is due largely to the fact that both Scarlet and Kat are both the children of pirates. Kat’s father and Scarlet’s mother are both longtime members of the Brotherhood of the Coasts, and were once involved in a brief but torrid love affair.

Much like her friend, Scarlet has little interest in the life of pirate, instead going after more intellectual pursuits. Scarlet is currently enrolled in the University Porthaven to study magicology, though she will often step out of her office (a welcome change of scenery, given that she is sure her office used to be a broom closet) to assist the Sisters Darkstone on their adventurers.

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