Encyclopedia Realmgardica: The Free City of Porthaven

Kat has spent her life growing up in a city not content to merely be known as any old city, but that is quite insistent on identifying itself as a Free Mercantile City. At least she knows what a “city” is.

One of the independently-governed Free Cities of Realmgard, Porthaven has risen to be one of the dominant trading powers on Realmgard’s eastern coast. This is thanks to a longstanding entrepreneurial spirit and one of the largest navies in Realmgard. What has also helped is the city has always been rich enough to pay most problems it may find itself facing to solve themselves.

Notable sights in the City include the prestigious University of Porthaven, the offices of the Porthaven Guild Authority, which licenses and oversees the city’s aspiring adventurers, the Porthaven Shipworks, and the Winfield and Sons Emporium, the preeminent general stores in the city.

The ruler of Porthaven is known as the city’s Prince, although the Prince of Porthaven is not, in fact, royalty. The position is elected and its name comes from the Elven word for “leader”. Notably, the word is used to refer to both male and female leaders, and several of the Princes of Porthaven have actually been women – and, on one particularly strange occasion, a table lamp.

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