Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Gardians

“Elves are pretty. Dwarves are tough. Trolls are big. Wilderings like biting things. And you’re, um, gimme a minute here – pirates?”

Gardians are the Human inhabitants of the eastern regions of Realmgard. History does not record whether they took the same of the continent om which they settled, or if the continent is named after them. The names, however, are clearly related.

Due to the prominence of the Free Cities of the northeast of Realmgard, Gardians have developed a reputation for industriousness, merchant spirit and prowess for sea travel. While not necessarily untrue – hard work, business acumen and boats were crucial to the rise of the Free Cities – it is difficult to describe the Gardians as a collective, given that that collective will inevitably be made up of free spirits and individuals.

Similarly, Gardians have also developed a reputation for being a bunch of rowdy pirates. Again, this has less to do with anything inherent in the nature of Gardians, and more to do with the fact that the most important Gardian cities are near the ocean and bustling trade cities, making them appealing bases of operations for Realmgard’s pirates, Gardian or otherwise.



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