Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Elves

One of the few things Kat and Amara have in common is that they’re both tall. Amara has an excuse, though. She’s an Elf. Elves are always tall, like how water is always wet.

The Elves of Realmgard are regarded as a people of long and venerable history, and one with a long memory. This is not undeserved, though not the first inhabitants of Realmgard, the ancient Elves were the first to establish a consolidated, unified empire. At its height, the Elven empire spanned most of the continent.

Though the Elven empire has not existed for centuries, its legacy is still clearly felt in Realmgard’s present. Many of Realmgard’s major cities were previously Elven cities, and the Elven language remains in use for many legal, historical and academic documents, though it has been replaced by Gardian as the common language of the continent. The Elven language is gendered, which is most apparent in Elven naming customs. For example, the Valdi siblings of Porthaven are Amara Valda and her brother Cyprian Valdus.

Physically, Elves are notable more being one of the tallest peoples of Realmgard, as well as for having bright, vibrant hair colours not seen in non-Elves – a Gardian with pink hair almost certainly dyed it; an Elf with pink hair probably got it from one of her parents. Elves are also generally regarded as the most magically-gifted people of Realmgard. The reality is slightly more nuanced. Though Elven culture has an affinity for magic, this largely because the Elves were among the first to systematically study and document the forms of magic, making the Elven magical tradition one of the longest-attested in Realmgard. However, any given individual Elf is no more or less magically talented than any given individual of any other people.

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