Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Amazons

“But I heard that men are banned from Amazon cities, and that if you catch any, you boil them alive and then use their bones for witchcraft.”
“No. We do not do that.”

A specific subgroup of Elves dwelling largely in the northwest of Realmgard, in a region known as the Decapolis, consisting of ten primary settlements. The Amazons are most notable for being exclusively female. According to the Amazon’s own history, this is the result of an ancient spell cast by a jealous sorcerer intended by its caster as a curse. The Amazons themselves, however, are quick to point out that being a woman is hardly a curse.

The Amazons are famous for their rigorous military training, which begins at a young age, and leads to many young Amazons journeying outside the Decapolis to seek opportunities to better themselves and learn new skills. Though all Amazon girls receive this training, not all Amazons pursue military careers. There are Amazon farmers, merchants and artists, though even an Amazon who works as a seamstress is usually strong enough and well-trained enough to fold the average person into a pretzel without much effort. Such a thing would be greatly unexpected, as a crucial part of the Amazon training is the principle of avoiding violence unless absolutely necessary.

The Amazons are also rumoured for banning men from their cities and punishing any male interlopers with various novel and unpleasant methods of execution. This is not, in fact, true, and likely a wild misunderstanding stemming from the remoteness of the Amazon Decapolis from the rest of Realmgard. The Amazons welcome merchants and visitors from elsewhere in Realmgard, and they obviously must look beyond the Decapolis to find husbands, should they so choose. The non-Amazon husbands of Amazon women will be welcome to live in the Decapolis with their wives and daughters.

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