Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Trolls

“Are you going to eat me?”
Eat you? Goodness gracious! Could you imagine such a thing? No, of course not. Though perhaps you’d care to join our discussion on matters Philosophical?”

Large, strong and said to be born from the living rock of Realmgard itself, Trolls are largely misunderstood by the other peoples of Realmgard. First and foremost, Trolls are generally believed to be stupid, brutish and uncultured. While Trolls are impressively strong and do boast a longstanding warrior tradition, Trolls, both as individuals or collectively, are no more aggressive or violent than any other of the peoples of Realmgard. Historically, Trolls have not often thrown the first punch, though because of their impressive strength and durability, they do tend to throw the last punch.

The notion that Trolls are uneducated likely arises from the historical fact that Trolls do not often have many books or written documents. For most of Trollic history, their language did not have a written form, leading to most Trollic knowledge being passed down orally and often overlooked by historians from the other peoples of Realmgard. However, upon the development of a Trollic alphabet and coming into contact with the writing works of the other peoples of Realmgard, many Trolls have proving themselves voracious learners and shockingly capable scholars. Many Trolls therefore combine impressive physical strength and profound intellects.

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