Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Professor Francis Crossword, 5th Viscount Crossword

“Make a note, Wembley. Formula unstable. Not suitable for human consumption.”
“Very good, Sir,”
“And I do believe that we will need to replace the oven.”
“Very good, Sir. I shall make arrangements at once, By the way, Sir, your sleeve appears to be on fire.”

Age:  32

Occupation: Viscount, Professor of Sciences, Inventor

Likes: Science, Invention, the steadfast service and loyalty of his trusted butler Wembley, the Countess Dirigible

Dislikes: Explosions,  being exploded, having things explode in his general vicinity, etc, etc, social interaction

Hailing from an old and prestigious family, Francis Crossword is famous throughout Realmgard as a man of science and invention, perhaps best known for his invention of the Crossword Puzzle, one of the most popular hobbies in Realmgard. He is, however, also the mind behind too many novel devices, mathematical theorems and recipes for rhubarb pie to be listed here.

Professor Crossword is just as famous for his inventions as he is for his eccentricity, often secluding himself in his workshop and preferring the company of his blueprints and formulae to his fellow man (or woman, Elf, Dwarf, or Troll). He will also be the first to admit to his own absent-mindedness, whenever he is not too caught up in planning his next invention to notice.

The road to Invention is a long and hazarous one, fraught with explosions and catastrophically failing prototypes. This is a lesson the good Professor has learned well. As a result, among his most successful inventions are the various methods of fire suppression he has added to his workshop.

The very greatest project facing Professor Crossword is his ongoing courtship of the famously beautiful Countess Dirigible, who has served as the patron and benefactor of many of his projects.


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