Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Maria-Theresa, the Countess Dirigible

Most people can probably fit their name on a business card. The downside of nobility is that you often need an entire bookshelf.

Age: 27

Occupation: Countess, Patroness of the Arts and Sciences

Likes: Sir Francis Crossword, high fashion, plaid, frills

Dislikes: sedate colours, a certain someone’s inability to pick up on hints

Recorded in the illustrious genealogy of the famous House Dirigible as Maria-Theresa Eugenia Primogenita Elizabeth Hortensia Julia Augusta Adeodata Hipparcha Wilhelmus Dirigible, and called Mary by her friends the abundantly-named Countess Dirigible is the current head of one of the most venerable and wealthy families in Realmgard.

While many in her position of incomprehensibly vast and incomprehensibly ancient wealth would be content to sip solid gold tea from solid gold teacups, the young Countess Dirigible is anything but an idle rich. The Countess campaigns for many charitable causes in Porthaven and has demonstrated a keen interest in the Arts and Sciences, patronising many of the city’s finest intellectuals, allowing them to create their finest works.

Such involvement in Porthaven’s intellectual spheres has led to a budding relationship between the Countess and the great inventor Sir Francis Crossword, one that goes beyond the bonds of merely patron and beneficiary. Sir Francis has become quite smitten with the Countess and is currently undertaking an heroic effort to court her, a turn of events to which the equally-smitten Countess has no objections. Although she is beginning to become rather impatient at moving beyond only courtship.

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