The Complete Encyclopedia Realmgardica, Volume 1

I’ve been doing little write-ups of the various nouns -that is, if you’ll recall Elementary School a person, place, or thing – of Realmgard, which I’ve been referring to as the Encyclopedia Realmgardica. Here is every entry I’ve done up to this point.


Amara Valda:

Annie Darkstone:

Dorian Darkstone:

Dunstana Darkstone:

Estelle Darkstone:

Jonas Darkstone:

Jonathan Fryte:

Kat Darkstone:

Maria-Theresa, the Countess Dirigible:

Myra Morningstar:

Peri Darkstone:

Professor Francis Crossword, 5th Viscount Crossword:

Scarlet Mendez:

Sisters Winfield, The:






Free City of Porthaven, The:

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