Encyclopedia Realmgardica: The World of Terrace

The world upon which Realmgard is one of several continents.

The origins of the name Terrace are poorly understood, possibly stemming from the Elven phrase “Terra est”, meaning “it is the world”, or referring to the fact that the world functions as a sort of secured terrace for its inhabitants in the vastness of the cosmos.

The inhabitants of the various continents of Terrace are aware of the existence of the others, and industrious merchants and explorers have established some level of travel and interaction between the continents. For the most part, however, most of the lands of Terrace remain far-off and mysterious to everyone but the people already living there.

Though the world of Terrace is home to a staggeringly vast amount of culture diversity, the same peoples – Elves, Dwarves and Trolls, for example – seem to exist on every continent of the world, suggesting a common origin point for all the peoples of Terrace, eventually growing into populations that separated and travelled to each of the individual continents to build their own distinct societies and cultures. Where and when exactly the first civilisations of Terrace arose is not known, leading to many theories on the matter: perhaps civilisation arose when the people’s first ancestors rose from out of either the earth or the sea, or perhaps fell out of the sky. Perhaps they come from some other distant homeworld, travelling to Terrace by magic and settling the uninhabited world for themselves.

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