Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Ginger Breadman

“Dunstana, I have a spoon, and I’m not afraid to use it. So, please, just sit still and wait until I have a job for you.”

Age: 8

Occupation: Baker’s daughter

Likes: Baking, Dunstana, peace and quiet, being the voice of reason

Dislikes: Dunstana’s latest crazy scheme, being imperiled by said, being ignored by Dunstana

The youngest child of the Breadman family of bakers, Ginger is Dunstana Darkstone’s best friend. At first, their friendship was little more than Dunstana seeing Ginger as a handy source of free cake, but has since become a sincere and unshakeable bond. Though Ginger is often dragged along onto Dunstana’s adventures, Ginger is able to rein in her friend’s most excessive impulses – occasionally forced to resort to whacking Dunstana with a spoon – and Dunstana would never do anything to deliberately put her best friend in harm’s way.

Dunstana is absolutely committed to keep Ginger safe – from dangers inflicted on Ginger by Dunstana herself, but that’s neither here or there. Dunstana has come to see the younger Ginger as a sort of unofficial little sister, and is willing to put to use every lesson she has learned about keeping a little sister safe from her own big sister.


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