Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Goblins

“I do know that Goblins always take their hats off to people they respect and that a Goblin would never lie to someone they respect.”

Generally misunderstood and resented by rest of Realmgard as scrawny and cowardly, Goblins tend to have difficulties integrating with the other peoples of Realmgard, despite their sincere best efforts to do so.

While it is true that Goblins are among the physically smallest peoples in Realmgard, most of the negative conceptions about their culture are not based in fact. Generally, Goblin society values loyalty, respect and honesty. Though Goblins tend to have few non-Goblin friends, these friendships will be steadfast and unshakeable.

The Goblins’ reputation for cowardice arises from their powerful instinct for self-preservation, which often takes the form of avoiding conflict rather than attempting to win those conflicts. Being small and often lacking physical prowess, Goblins have historically had to rely on the good graces and protection of the larger, stronger peoples of Realmgard. Unfortunately, this has often led to the other peoples taking advantage of the Goblins’ trusting nature and using them as a source of cheap labour which often lacks to assertiveness to demand better treatment.

Goblins, however, are not entirely incapable of physical combat. Thanks to their large families and a strong sense of community, anyone who finds themselves fighting a Goblin will often not just be fighting a Goblin, but also his wife, children, parents, uncles, friends, coworkers, and amateur volleyball team.

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