Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Wilderlings

“No, I do not want to play fetch. But if you wanted to scratch behind my ears, I wouldn’t be entirely opposed.”

Long ago, certain wizards in Realmgard learned powerful magic allowing them to take on the form of the wild animals. These wizards passed this magic on to their descendants, and over the long years, the form of Human and beast become increasingly indistinct among these peoples. The Wilderlings which currently inhabit Realmgard are the distant descendants of these ancient wizards. Though their appearance is unavoidably shaped by certain beast-like features, the Wilderlings have a generally human appearance, and retain their ancestors’ magical ability to take on the full form of the animals.

The Wilderlings are divided into tribes based on which animal they possess the most affinity – the Wolf, Bear, and Falcon Tribes, for example. The tribes interact freely and openly with each other, and their common heritage as Wilderlings connects them despite their affinity for the individual animals – though the Mouse Tribe remains generally ill-at-ease around the Cat Tribe, for example. The fact that the Wilderlings prefer to live in the forests and other wild places of Realmgard has led to the misconception that they dislike and distrust outsiders from among the other peoples of Realmgard. The fact of the matter is the Wilderlings dislike city life in general, more so than the inhabitants of those cities, and certain particularly industrious or adventurous Wilderlings have in fact thrived living in the great cities of Realmgard.

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