Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Realmgard

One of several situated on the world of Terrace, the continent of Realmgard is home to numerous diverse nations, peoples and cultures.

The Gardian language, originating in the Free Cities on the continent’s northeast coast is widely-spoken, serving as the lingua franca of trade and diplomacy, while the ancient Elven language is used as the language used for science, scholarship, official history and anything else associated with education and high culture.

For the most part, the inhabitants of Realmgard coexist peacefully, though conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes across borders to full-scale wars affecting most of the continent do occur. In fact, there have been periods of Realmgard’s history dominated by large-scale, long-lasting wars. At present, however, Realmgard is generally enjoying a period of stability and peace.

The geography of Realmgard is as diverse as its population, containing large expanses of rolling plains, looming mountains, cold forests and tundra in the north, hot, sprawling deserts in the south. For the sake simplicity, the numerous islands off Realmgard’s coasts, though not physically connected to the mainland, are counted as part of the continent.

The Free Cities of Realmgard’s northeast coast (such as Porthaven and Goldharbour), though relatively small are prosperous and stable, meaning that are influential in the continent’s international affairs. The merchant ships of these Free Cities have also played a leading role in establishing contact and trade between Realmgard and Terrace’s other continents. The middle regions of the continent are generally divided between by various large and powerful kingdoms.

The north is sparsely inhabited and is generally less technology-developed than the rest of the continent, though thanks to the trade routes linking these regions to the rest of the continent, modern amenities and conveniences are not completely unknown even in the remote regions of Realmgard.

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