Variations on a Theme: The Porthaven Flag, or, “Dolphins are Hard to Draw”

I’m not really great at art, which is why I went into writing. On the other hand, I’m decent with a computer, so I’ve made several attempts to make designs for the flag of Porthaven.

My first attempt at the flag, establishing the basic elements of the design: a dolphin jumping out of waves, surrounded by eight coins, in a circle.
The second version, largely spurred by a desire to make a better-looking dolphin. This one does have a better dolphin, but doesn’t really look better overall. Further refined the elements of the flag, by making the flag once-and-a-half wide as it is long, a ratio which all further designs have adhered to.
The third attempt. Has a worse-looking dolphin in a better pose. This one has the best waves, though.
The fourth and currently most recent attempt. This one was intended to be more stylised, hence the more elliptical, asymmetrical bordering circle. Also an attempt to see what the design would look like with solid fills. Of the four, I like the idea of this one best.

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