Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Plaid Jack Rackman

It kind of hurts to look at him, but Dunstana doesn’t really care because he’s Plaid Jack Rackman. He’s Dunstana very favourite living pirate. Amid the horde of Princess Moonflowers in her room, Dunstana also proudly has on display the official Brotherhood-endorsed Plaid Jack doll.

Age: 24

Occupation: Pirate, Speaker of the Brotherhood of the Coasts

Likes: Plaid, the ladies, cracking wise

Dislikes: Complimentary colours, his girlfriends finding out about his other girlfriends

Well-respected among the members of the Brotherhood of the Coasts despite his relatively young age, the flamboyantly, eye-damagingly dressed Captain Jack Rackman is currently serving as the Speaker of the Brotherhood of the Coasts. This prestigious position means that he is responsible for organising, overseeing and maintaining order during the Brotherhood’s annual meeting and award ceremony, currently scheduled for the Red Admiral’s Groghouse in scenic Goldharbour.

In addition to his piratical accomplishments, Plaid Jack is famous for his bold, unusual fashion sense, perhaps best described as “all plaid, all the time”, much to the dismay of most people with functioning eyeballs. He is similarly renowned as a ladies’ man, though even more renowned for his various amourous misadventures, stemming largely from his persistent habit of having an average of five concurrent girlfriends.

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