Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Turbosharks

“Once she recovers, she’s going after the gold like a Turboshark after a seal.”

Many species of shark exist in Realmgard’s seas. One of the most notable is the fearsome Turboshark. The Turboshark is primarily known for three things: its impressive speed in the water, its voracious appetites, and the abject failure of the previous attempts at domesticating the species undertaken by several industrious but not particularly bright aspiring entrepreneurs in Realmgard’s past.

Despite the Turboshark’s fearsome reputation, they are not especially dangerous to humans. Though attacks on Humans have occurred, these are largely the result of mistaken identity. Although viewed, like most sharks, as vicious, remorseless man-eaters possessed of a malevolent sentience, Turbosharks do not, in fact, have a taste for Human and such attacks are the result of the sharks misidentifying a Human as its usual prey.

Given its reputation and peak position on the foodchain, the Turboshark makes a popular logo for pirate crews, as well as the sports teams and various institutions of the maritime cities of Realmgard. For example, the Goldharbour Guard has adopted a fictional Turboshark known as Officer Chompy McJustice as its mascot, encouraging the people of Goldharbour to “Chomp Criminality”.


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