Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Higher Learning in Realmgard

Realmgard is home to several prestigious institutions of higher learning, where the brightest minds of the continent gather to discuss great matter and unravel the mysteries of the world.

Despite its fairly remote location in the north of Realmgard, the University of Oxfjord has long been regarded as one of the foremost places of learning on the continent. According to legend, the university was originally founded at the site where a local bull once wandered out of its paddock and took a tumble off a nearby cliff in the inlet below. The bull is noted to have survived the incident.

Also noted among the finer institutions in Realmgard is the University of Porthaven, due in large part to counting the famously brilliant Sir Francis Crossword among its faculty and being the location of several of his most impressive discoveries and inventions.

Famous for quite another kind of learning is Realmgard’s Magological Academy, devoted to teaching the theory and, most importantly, the safe practice of the magical arts. The Academy is also known for its consistently excellent track and field team.

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