Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Halflings

“Well, you know how it is. Dad’s a Dwarf, Mom’s a Goblin, and there was that whole thing with the Ten Thousand Year War, so holiday suppers are always a little awkward.”

Rather than referring to a specific people of Realmgard, “Halfling” is the general term used to refer to any child born to parents from two different peoples, or even more general, an inhabitant of Realmgard and an inhabitant of one of Terrace’s other continents.

“Halfling” is not generally considered a negative term, but is noted to be a fairly unhelpful one as it represents a very broad, non-specific segment of the population. The child of an Elf and Gardian, a Troll and a Wildering, or a Dwarf and Goblin are all considered “Halflings”, despite very little else in common.

Since all of the sentient peoples of Realmgard are physiologically similar enough to have children with each other, Halflings are not exactly uncommon throughout Realmgard. As certain peoples of Realmgard hold intermarriage in low regard, life as a Halfling can be difficult in certain places, but given how inherently diverse the Halfling population is, finding one life experience representative of all Halflings is not possible.

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