Detail of a Map: The Northern Free Cities


Following my last post, we find ourselves turning north, to get a closer look at those Free Cities located to the north of the cities of Porthaven and Goldharbour. As previously, established the former rivalry between Porthaven and Goldharbour has given way to an alliance. In response, the three northern Free Cities have established an alliance of their own. This, in turn, has established a rivalry both of commercial ambitions and of verbose titles. Where Porthaven and Goldharbour’s alliance is known as the “East Realmgard Sempiternal Maritime Concordat“, the alliance of the northern Free Cities is the “Most Excellent Free and Hanseatic Fraternity of the Serene Republics Boreal.”

As for the Cities themselves, the three are Hornsburg (the white shield with the reindeer), Northgate (the light blue shield with the castle) and Greengrove (the dark blue shield with the pine tree). Like their more southerly rivals, these three Free Cities are all oriented towards the sea, devoting most of their resources to developing both trade routes by sea and strong navies. And, like their rival Cities, the three northern Free Cities frequently employ the services of the members of the Brotherhood of the Coasts.


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