Detail of a Map: The Three Kingdoms of the Sea


Continuing with my series of posts detailing the map of Northern Realmgard, we go seaward to to the three island kingdoms just off the coast, collectively referred to as the Three Kingdoms of the Sea.

Strictly speaking, the kingdoms of Carog, (the purple shield with the crow and swords), Middelmere (the red-and-white shield with the lions), and Makeland (the yellow shield with the sword) are not considered part of Realmgard, being geographically separated from the continent itself. However, due to the general proximity and well-established trade and travel between the Three Kingdoms means that the Kingdoms are well-integrated with the states and peoples on the continent, adopting many aspects of Gardian culture. Though each of the Kingdoms has a primary language of its own, Gardian is widely spoken across the Kingdoms.

Much like the Free Cities located on the continent, relations between the Kingdoms has historically fluctuated between rivalry and harsh words, occasionally escalating to all-out war, and peaceful, if unenthusiastic, co-existence. At present, a state of peace, diplomacy, and commerce is upheld by a convoluted series of personal and royal alliances established between the rulers and nobles of the Three Kingdoms.

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