Preview Chapter: The Valley of Appraisal


As has been previously established, newest Realmgard story, The Valley of Appraisal is now available on Amazon.

Below, you’ll find a preview of the story, a scene featuring Amara, Dunstana, and Ginger attempting to bake a celebratory cake for Kat’s completion of her Adventuring Licence test.


Upon their return to the manor, Amara is surprised by how quickly Ginger takes charge of the kitchen. The heretofore shy and quiet red-haired girl takes to the kitchen like a Turboshark to water, moving from cupboard to cupboard with resolute efficiency to assemble the necessary pots, pans, measuring cups and whisks. By the end, the stack of cookware she has assembled is almost taller than she is. 

Granted, Ginger is not particularly tall to begin with, but, as far as Amara is concerned, it remains a quite impressive tower of cookware.

“Now,” Amara ventures. “What can we do to help, Ginger?”

“I’ll get the eggs!” Dunstana eagerly volunteers.

Ginger immediately grabs Dunstana by the sleeve to stop the little pirate, her stack of cookware swaying precariously as she does. She looks up at Amara. “Could you get the eggs?” she asks.

Theoretically, yes, Amara could get the eggs. The obvious practical problem is that Amara has never actually had to use the manor’s kitchen for herself. She doesn’t actually know where anything is. Amara diplomatically decides to keep this to herself, and instead smiles and nods down at the girl.

“I can help!” Dunstana insists. “What about the sugar? We need sugar, right? I can get that!”

“Dunstana,” Ginger sternly warns her friend. “I have a spoon, and I’m not afraid to use it. So please, just sit still and wait until I have a job for you.”

Dunstana cautiously eyes the large wooden mixing spoon in Ginger’s hand and begins creeping safely out of range.

“But if you want to help, you can help me set up the mixing bowls,” Ginger offers.


      “I’m bored,” Dunstana moans, not for the first time, gazing forlornly at the oven.

“It’ll be done baking soon,” Ginger promises. “And then we can start decorating the cake. That’s the fun part, I promise.”

“Let’s just make the oven hotter,” Dunstana offers. “If we make it twice as hot, it’ll bake twice as fast!”

“That’s not how it works, Dunstana,” Ginger informs her.

“But what if -”


“But -”

No, Dunstana.”

After being so thoroughly stonewalled by her friend, Dunstana decides that she needs to try a new approach to fixing the problem of the seemingly-unending wait for the cake. 

Good pirates are adaptable, after all. 

“Hey, Amara, you can do magic, right?” she notes, looking hopefully up at the Elf. “Can’t you just, like, make time go faster, or something?”

“Yes,” Amara answers. “Why don’t I just go ahead and alter the fundamental fabric of reality, tear apart the very substance of the universe, shatter causality itself, and rearrange the essential nature of the cosmos for the sake of sparing us half an hour?”

Really? Dunstana exclaims. “Awesome!”

“No, Dunstana,” Amara answers, wearily rubbing her forehead. “Not really.”


If you enjoyed this preview, please consider purchasing a copy of the full version of The Valley of Appraisal, or any of the other Realmgard stories.

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