Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Nolan Lyte

As the only Lyte left in Realmgard with any interest in the honour and reputation of the Brigade, Nolan has taken it upon himself to restore the guild to its rightful place among the leading guilds of Porthaven. With the blessing of his grandfather, and the merely unspoken disapproval of his father, Nolan has become the guild’s new captain and has set out to recruit a new generation of bold adventurers to bolster its ranks.

Age: 16

Occupation: (nominal) Guild Captain of the Lyte Brigade

Likes: the Lyte Brigade, his family, perseverance

Dislikes: bureaucracy, having his ambitious vexed and foiled, people who insist that his name is supposed to be spelled “Light”

The youngest son and middlemost child of seven, Nolan Lyte has heretofore dutifully assisted in parents in running the family inn, self-proclaimed home of the best fish-on-a-stick in Porthaven. However, growing up hearing his grandfather, one of the most famous adventurers and Guild Captains in Porthaven’s history, Nolan began to dream of greater things than fish-on-a-stick. Though it took some doing, Nolan was ultimately able to convince his parents to allow him to pursue a career in adventuring like his grandfather.

Unfortunately, Nolan’s career took an unexpected twist almost before it even got started. His grandfather’s recent retirement has caused the famous Lyte Brigade to be disbanded. Ever a dutiful member of the family, Nolan has taken it upon himself to restore the guild to its former glory, taking over as Captain and beginning to recruit a new generation of adventurers to aid him in his endeavour.

Unfortunately, this is going less well than he would like. Navigating the particularities  of the Guild Authority to gain the necessary approval to reinstate the Lyte Brigade is proving difficult and bewildering. And very few established adventurers are proving willing to join a guild, even one as famous as the Lyte Brigade, when its Captain is an young, untested novice.

Overall, though, Nolan remains cautiously optimistic.

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