Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Various Marine Fauna

As seen in the map of Realmgard’s northern coasts, the oceans of the world of Terrace are filled with all sorts of spectacular marine life, for example, the fearsome Turboshark (which is not, in fact, depicted on the map).

Here, we are introduced to several more of these creatures.



Related to the similarly feared Sea Dragon, though differentiated by its lack of forelimbs, the Orc is a species of sea serpent whose name comes from an old Elven word for the underworld and its monstrous inhabitants.

Though Orcs have a fearsome folkloric reputation, in real life, Orcs are elusive and rarely encountered by sailors in anything more than fleeting glimpses. As such though there are many tales of ships being destroyed and sailors devoured in attacks by massive Orcs, very few of these stories can be corroborated.

Sea Dragons

Special R Sea Dragon

As stated previously, the most notable difference between Sea Dragons and Orcs is that Sea Dragons have arms, which are used to propel themselves through the depths and snatch their prey.

Much like Orcs, the frightful reputation of Sea Dragons generally surpasses the reality. Despite their size, power, and appetite, Sea Dragons are cautious creatures and do not usually approach ships or sailors and there have been few substantiated Sea Dragon attacks.

Sea Dragons are said to grow for as long as they live, though this has not been decisively proven. Unlike their terrestrial cousins, Sea Dragons are incapable of flight and do not breath fire.



“Giga” means giant. “Crab” is self-explanatory, really.

The largest species of crustacean in Realmgard, the Gigacrab is unlike the Orc and the Sea Dragon in several notable ways. For one, they have legs. For another, their fearsome reputation is entirely justified. Gigacrabs are aggressive and territorial, and although they do not usually traverse the open ocean, the threat posed by a Gigacrab lurking in the shallows or along the shore is sufficient that most governments in Realmgard have declared them hostes omnium gentium, a legal principle translating to something like “the enemy of all people” and which allows for Gigacrabs to be freely and openly hunted. Given the Gigacrab’s size and aggressive, as well as the natural defences provided by its mighty carapace, this is easier said than done.

Gigacrab shells are valued for their use in the construction of armour and the meat of the Gigacrab is considered a delicacy.

Though this Gigacrab is depicted as large enough to tear a ship in half, this is – as per current taxonomical knowledge in Realmgard – purely artistic licence. No known Gigacrab has ever been recorded as anywhere near that big.


brotherhoodcrestThough the classification of pirates as “marine fauna” is debatable, they are included here for their notable role in the maritime affairs of Realmgard.

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