Quick Update

So, I have the most recent edited version of the next Realmgard story: Forward, the Lyte Brigade.

Unfortunately, I’m also an editor in as my day job, and I’ve got a manuscript for work I need to finish before I can get back to working on Realmgard. The good news is that I’m most of the way through that work manuscript, so this isn’t really a huge, indefinite delay, most of a week, maybe.

So, yes, work on my next story is not progressing as quickly as I’d like, but it is progressing. Optimistically, Forward, the Lyte Brigade will be ready before the end of November. More cynically, it’ll be ready before Christmas.

I should have a sufficiently finished section done to have a preview section up and available before too long.

In the meantime, here’s Godzilla’s victory dance again:

Image via Invasion of Astro-Monster, Toho.

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