Friendly Reminder

Buy my books, please.

Now, in light of all the recommendations I’ve been doing lately, you could be forgiven in thinking that I’m the Greatest Living Pop Culture Critic.

In point of fact, I am the Greatest Living Author. I just happen to talk about pop culture from time to time.

The good news is that my next story is most of the way to being ready for publication. The bad news is that writing isn’t really a profession conducive to frequent, substantial updates — the current update is “it’s almost done”, the previous update was “it’s almost done”, the update before that was “it’s closer to done than it was before.”

Most of the progress I make in my writing happens behind the scenes, so things like the recommendations are what I do so I don’t go silent for inordinate periods of time.

Now, if you’re interested in the works of the Greatest Living Author to go along with his opinions on pop culture, more information on my books can be found here. And you can follow me on social media here and here.

And my books are available for purchase as both eBooks and actual books here.

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