Work in Progress: Sharks of Realmgard

Work on my Sharks of Realmgard pictures is going well. I think I’m done the preliminary sketches, so I’ve finally out something to share.

I’ll start with two real-world sharks that I’ve decided also exist in Realmgard: the Goblin Shark and the Great White. Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to draw a Goblin Shark. They are wonderfully weird-looking.

As an aside, I’ve been using Latin for the Elven language in Realmgard and it has the same role as Latin did in real life as the universal language of academia and high-brow pursuits.

Due to “shark” being derived either from the Mayan language or from Late Medieval/Early Modern German, Latin doesn’t really have a word for “shark” specifically, and most of the Latin words that can be translated as “shark” really mean something the lines of “nonspecific large fish including sharks”. “Squalus” is one of these words, and is used in real-life taxonomic nomenclature for certain kinds of sharks. Mostly, though, I chose it for the Realmgard word for “shark” because out of all the possibilities, it’s the one I most like the sound of.


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