Sharks of Realmgard: Turboshark

Funny story: I was trying to come up with a suitably Fantasy-y name for an animal.

I’ve already talked about Turbosharks at length, so there’s no real reason to get into too many of the details here.

Funny story, though, I was trying to come up with a suitably Fantasy-y name for an animal. The general pattern I’ve noticed is [adjective or prefix] + [species] in the vein of “Dire Wolf” (which, incidentally, was a real animal) or “Thunder Hippo” or “Lavasaurus”.

[Note to self: add Thunder Hippos and Lavasauruses to Realmgard]

So, after playing around with prefixes and animals, I eventually ended up with “Turboshark”, which was such a stupidly awesome (or possibly awesomely stupid) name for a species that I just had to write it into my world. I wasn’t even paying too much attention to the etymology at first, I just thought it sounded cool.

Fortunately, just like how “turbo” is basically modern English for “fast” (vis-à-vis the fact that things powered by turbines go fast), it turns out it’s also a Latin word that can either be a noun meaning “whirlwind” or a verb being “stir up” or “agitate”. Which is, of course, a perfectly cromulent linguistic connection for a very fast shark.

Incidentally, while the Turboshark is the fastest shark on Terrace, the fastest shark on Earth is the Shortfin Mako, which I believe was also the kind of shark that ate Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.

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