Sharks of Realmgard: The Walking Shark

It’s exactly what it sounds like, really.

The scholars of Realmgard are divided on whether the Walking Shark is a real, but as-yet-unverified species, or merely a flight of fancy concocted by mariners and fishermen who have been at sea too long.

While certain scholars insist that a shark with the ability to walk like a man would be an unparalleled predator, many others point out that a primarily aquatic species would have no need for legs in the first place.

Similarly, while certain scholars are adamant that if the Walking Shark were a real species, it would have been reliably observed by now, their opponents point out that such a shark must logically travel by simply walking across the bottom of the ocean where it can not be easily observed by surface-dwelling scholars.

The existence of the Walking Shark remains an ongoing topic of debate, though the creature is a popular subject for children’s stories, silly folk songs, and tall tales.


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