RealmgART: With Apologies to Mr. Sakurai

RealmgART à la Smash.

As I promised earlier, I’ve been working on a lot of (mediocre) artwork lately. And I’m finally ready to share art of several of my characters.

In this series, I’m trying to replicate, or at least evoke, the splash screens that every newly announced Smash Bros. character gets.

Basically, going for something like this:

Bear in mind that I’m the Greastest Living Author. I am merely the Most Adequate Living Artist.

Dunstana Darkstone – Captain Kid

The gun shoots corks. One half of the Sisters Darkstone. Ten-year-old pirate. Dauntless in pursuit of fortune and glory. And Princess Moonflower dolls. Co-main character in the first four Realmgard stories.

Kat Darkstone – Deadeye(brows)

The elder Sister Darkstone. Haver of large eyebrows. Fifteen years old. Freelance adventurer, full-time big sister. Where Dunstana goes, she goes. Whether she likes it or not. Co-main character in the first four Realmgard stories.

Annie Darkstone – Half-Elf, All Genius

Kat and Dunstana’s cousin. Ten years old, eight hundred years smart. Jonas’ Half-Elf daughter. Her father’s research assistant and one of Dunstana’s best friends. Has read more books than most other people. Put together. Helps her cousins in The Treasure of Oake Island.

Jonas Darkstone – Doctorate in Avuncularity

Kat and Dunstana’s favourite uncle by virtue of having access to a grappling hook. Annie’s father. Professor of Archaeology at the University of Porthaven. Formerly a champion wrestler. Assists the Sisters Darkstone in The Treasure of Oake Island.

Amara Valda – Elegance of Elocution

Kat’s lifelong best friend. Scion of a very old, very rich family. Fiercely protective of her late mother’s emerald necklace. Does not suffer fools or bullies. One of the main characters of The Bandits of Goldharbour. Bakes a cake in The Valley of Appraisal. The Author’s favourite character.

Scarlet Mendez – Master of Magic(ology)

Friend and mentor of Kat. Licensed adventurer and studying for a degree in Magicology at the University of Porthaven. Bearer of an unfortunate middle name (it’s William). Helps Kat survive the Valley of Appraisal.

Myra Morningstar – Captain of the Wolves

New captain of the Red Wolf Pirates. Trying to break through in a male-dominated profession. Surrounded by idiots. Not here to make friends. Destined to have a small child for a nemesis. Encounters on the Darkstones on Oake Island.

The Checkers-Playing Chicken – Ruler of the Roost

A barnyard bird of unusual intelligence owned by the Guild Authority of Porthaven. Tests the intellect (and patience) of prospective adventurers. Kat’s recurring rival in The Valley of Appraisal.

And, finally, here’s me:

J.B. Norman – Authest Author

Author of Realmgard. Does words good. Total babe. Likes plaid. Buy his books, please. He’d buy your book.

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