RealmgART: The Triumph of Styracosaurus

“The Dread Turnip Was Slain.”

In a Realmgard context: the much-lauded victory of legendary hero Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus over Realmgard’s most infamous root vegetable, the Turnip-Thing of Aquae Celeres is a popular subject for art, songs, stories, puppet shows, and party games.

This depiction utilises the long-standing tradition in Elven art of “crossed-out eyes and stuck-out tongue means dead”.

The inscription translates to “The Dread Turnip Was Slain.”

In an Earth context: this picture represents a major milestone in my artistic career: drawing the same character twice and having him look the same both times.

Right away, I knew exactly the pose I wanted for Styracosaurus, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it before.

Funny story (or maybe not, depending on your religious convictions), it took me way too long to remember that the pose is pretty common in depictions of the Resurrection of Jesus — for example, here and here.

There’s no real deeper meaning to that inspiration, I just think it’s a good victorious hero pose.

A couple more notes about Styracosaurus: first, my original depiction of him was inspired by the Augustus of Prima Porta, due to the fact that Realmgard Elves are basically Romans. Second, yes, Styracosaurus is a kind of dinosaur in real life.

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