RealmgART: Another Map

As promised: another map.

Unlike that last post, this is the map I posted as a work in progress that I promised would be done soon.

And, unlike that last one, I’m pretty sure I got the Latin (i.e. Elven) grammar right the first time around.

The one thing to note is that I originally described this as the southeast of Realmgard, sort of implying that this is the edge of the landmass of Realmgard.

I’ve walked that back a little and now it’s “the coastal area of eastern Realmgard” to give me a little more room to alter the geography as necessary. That’s sort of an ongoing problem. I don’t really have a concrete idea of what Realmgard actually looks like.

Maps are fun. And researching old maps for points of reference is also fun. There are some really weird old maps, and that’s even before you get into things like “Jerusalem in the middle, East on top.”

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