Detail of a Second Map: Arrow Head and the Southern Keys

I think I just accidentally created Realmgard’s version of Florida…

Located on the primary maritime route connecting the south and west of Realmgard with the northeastern Free Cities such as Porthaven and Goldharbour, Arrow Head has become a rich and wealthy city.

The city itself is named for the promontory on which it lies, one of the most southerly points on mainland Realmgard. The name of the promontory is a pun — “head” (definition 16) as in “headland” as in “peninsula“, and referring to its general shape as resembling the tip of an arrow. The city’s emblem reflects this, depicting a literal arrowhead.

Just across the strait from the headland are the Southern Keys, a group of islands used primarily as stopover for ships in need of repairs or supplies. The Keys do not have any major population centres, but are the site of a number of small-scale fishing settlements, as well as the vacation homes of the mainland’s well-to-do inhabitants.

Despite the relatively small population, the inhabitants of the Keys have become rather wealthy due to their advantageous position on a major trade route and proximity to the major trade centre that is Arrow Head.

Historically, the Keys have also been a popular haven for pirates, which has also helped the settlements of the Keys thrive, albeit through not entirely savoury means.

The emblem of the Southern Keys is yet another geographic pun, depicting a circle of literal keys. From the Spanish, “key” (definition 2) is also the word for low-lying island, as in the real-life Florida Keys.

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