Detail of a Second Map: Crescent Lake and Environs

The largest lake in southeastern Realmgard

The largest lake in southeastern Realmgard, Crescent Lake is famous for its abundant fish, as symbolised by the fish depicted on the map.

Although there are many stories of unusually large fish in the lake, it should go without saying that the fish depicted on the map is purely an artistic device. There are no records of fish so monstrously large that they take up half the lake.

The largest settlement on the lake is Blue Shore, located on the promontory jutting into the middle of the lack. The emblem of Blue Shore depicts a stylised image of the lake itself, along with images symbolising the two major sources of income for the people of the town, fishing and hunting.

Blue Shore is also involved in regional trade due to its strategic position on the lake. Trade follows the river to the northeast moving between the lake and the settlements in and around the forest to the northwest. Eventually, a canal was dug to the southwest to allow that trade to continue along on to the coast.

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