Detail of a Second Map: Charette and the East Wood

In retrospect, I probably should have drawn a road, too…

Strategically located in the narrow stretch of passable terrain between the foothills of the mountains of northeast Realmgard and the forest known as the East Wood, all trade going north and south by land must necessarily pass through the city of Charette, which has become a major player in trade in the southeast of Realmgard, both due to its strategic location and its proximity and long-standing good relations with the major maritime trade power of the Free City of Goldhabour.

The city’s emblem reflects this, depicting a wagon wheel to represent the trade carts that travel to and from the city. The green and brown stripes on the emblem are meant to represent the vitally-important road on which the city was built — the brown is the road itself and the green is the fields through which that road travels.

The East Wood is the largest forest in this part of Realmgard. However, in former generations it was significantly larger and has been much-reduced do to deforestation. Luckily, many of the settlements using timber from the East Wood became aware of this problem and have adopted significantly more sustainable forestry practices to preserve the forest.

There are as-yet unsubstantiated rumours of large ancient ruins in the East Wood, leading to a rise in interest in the forest from adventurers from nearby cities. Those adventurers have so far all returned empty-handed.

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