RealmgART: The Amazon Decapolis

I’ve been going back and forth over whether this can be considered a “map.”

I’ve already explained the concept of the Decapolis, but if you’ve somehow missed the information, the story version: they’re the ten cities in the Amazon homeland in the northwest of Realmgard. Each one is named after one of the ten most famous heroines in Amazon history.

I’ve been going back and forth over whether this can be considered a “map.”

It’s probably too stylised and abstract, and I’m 12000% sure it’s not to scale (largely because I wasn’t trying to make it to scale).

On the other hand, the relative relationships between everything depicted on the map is more or less right: the ten cities are all depicted where they should be (i.e. Sibylla is immediately northwest of Fulminata, to the northeast of the lake) and built around the shores of Lake Koron, more or less equidistant from the sanctuary to Parthene, the chief Amazon goddess, in the middle of said lake.

In a lot of ways, this final version ended up looking better than the in-progress version I posted earlier, but do still really like how that one ended up accidentally looking more like an old, battered piece of paper.

Admittedly, this version was a real fight. The most recent update to GIMP (which, you’ll recall, is how my broke, penniless self does these artworks) did a lot of things to the program that I don’t quite understand and that I’m not quite sure how to get them to do what I want them to do.

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