RealmgART: Dolphins are Still Hard to Draw

Based on the troubles I’ve been having with my last couple pieces of art, I’ve started looking for a new art program to use.

This is my attempt at recreating the flag of Porthaven with a program called Inkscape.

The short version is that it was great for drawing everything but that darn (that’s not the word I want to use — but, you know, family-friendly website, and all) dolphin.

Seriously, about seven different versions of the flag has made me drawing dolphins. I guess the good news is that I can already tell Inkscape is probably a really good program (with a UI that looks straight out of 1998, but I can work around that).

I just have no idea what I’m doing with it.

Basically, this is me booting up Inkscape for the first time.
Photo by Robert Nagy on

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