The (Other) Sport of Kings

For anyone who may object to me saying Pro Wrestling is my favourite sport.

Photo by Stephen Niemeier on

I’ve mentioned before — in the post actually about it, and in that last post recapping my list of favourite recommendation posts — that the only sport I care about is Pro Wrestling.

Yes, I’m aware that Wrestling is not, in fact, a “sport.” And, yes, I’m aware it’s fake.

And if you’re not going to get off my case about my favourite sport not being a real sport or even a real competition, I pick Darts as my favourite professional sport.

Yes. There’s Professional Darts.

Yes, there’s a Professional Darts Championship.

It’s the most glorious bewildering thing ever.

It is amazing to see how seriously people apparently take darts, and just how rowdy the (shockingly large) crowds get — though given that darts originated in public houses and drinking establishments, maybe that’s not that surprising…

If you want to get a glimpse at the craziness that is Pro Darts, look up what happens when somebody scores a 180 (the highest possible score in one turn).

So, basically, Darts is better than the things you like.

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