The title page to my book of pirates is done — I think. And, man, was it a pain.

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As an update to yesterday’s post, the title page to my book of pirates is done — I think.

A page of a book, reading "This being a Historie of the Pirates of Realmgard".
This isn’t the done version; this is just to remind you what I’m talking about.

And, man, was it a pain.

Like I said yesterday, I was trying to make the lettering look like it was done with a printing press, which involved creating my own early modern-looking typeface, twice. Once for capitals and once for miniscules.

That wasn’t actually that hard; it just ended up looking terrible.

The hard part was having to copy and paste ever individual letter on the page, then size them all proportionally to each other, then try to line them all up.

That was hard and it ended up looking terrible.

Basically, I got too creative and clever for my own good and by the time I realised how bad the final product was going to look, I’d spent too much time on to just be give up on it — remember kids, stubborn obstinacy will get you far in life.

But, hey, it’s done now and I’ll be able to post my pirates soon.

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