Work in Progress: Map of All of Realmgard

I’ve been trying to figure out what Realmgard might look like in its entirety.

A preliminary map of the continent of Realmgard.

After my previous maps of specific areas of Realmgard, I’ve been trying to figure out what Realmgard might look like in its entirety.

And here is my first attempt.

I think I like all of it except the northwest, which I think might be too small. I need to fit both the Amazon Decapolis and the kingdom that’s going to be Realmgard’s best and greatest polity equivalent of Canada.

But that’s a bridge to fall off when I get there…

To explain the couple things that need explaining: the area in the black square is the area of Realmgard I’ve already made maps up.

That big green blob is the Midwood, which is definitely not in the middle of Realmgard now — I might need to refine the definition to “middle along the East-West axis.”

The blue is the continent’s major lake/inland sea (I’m not sure that distinction matters for this) that is the historic cradle of civilisation in Realmgard.

The red oval in the south is marking off the borders of what is going to be the Circle Sea (hence, the circle — technically “ellipse”, but whatever), which is Realmgard’s equivalent of the Caribbean.

Overall, the borders and general shape (with the aforementioned possibility of the northwest) are solid, there’s still some details that need to get added — rivers, mountains, smaller islands, that sort of thing — but don’t really need to be on the map at this point.

Also, I think the scale of the northeast is messed up in this picture. It looks to small for the rest of the continent and I think I’m going to need to, as they say in Springfield, embiggen it.

Also, my little brother said that the green marking out the forest “looks like a guy with a big nose”, and now I can’t unsee it.

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